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National Floors Direct Delivers Historic Pier A Harbor House Floor Restoration

With the wide variety of high-quality flooring materials that National Floors Direct offers, it’s no surprise that the flooring experts have provided restoration and renovation services for a variety of historic New York City cultural sites. One of the best examples of this is National Floors Direct’s work at the Historic Pier A Harbor House in Battery Park.

National Floors Direct was contracted to provide flooring restoration services for the remarkable location, which underwent significant renovations starting in 2009 to restore neglected materials and upgrade to more durable options – without losing the classic Pier A design focused on remarkable views of the Statue of Liberty. The site, a massive running restaurant and bar area designed for community gatherings, also includes a treasured WWI memorial and plenty of inside and outside seating.

Pier A chose National Floors Direct for their experience and products, but one specialty, in particular, helped the flooring company rise to the challenge: Their experience with restoring and replacing hardwoods and offering particularly durable materials for high foot traffic areas. Pier A’s running bar style is popular with both tourists and locals, but the design of the space, including beautiful hardwood sections, sees a high amount of activity throughout the day. This can lead to quick wear and tear, which is why Pier A was interested in finding the right hardwoods and materials for lots of foot traffic.

National Floors Direct was able to assist thanks to their experience with a wide variety of hardwoods, which they offer in many different colors and plank patterns to meet the needs of different areas. This includes both traditional hardwoods and engineered hardwoods:

Traditional Hardwoods: These solid hardwood floors from National Floors Direct feature authentic wood products cut from solid lumber. It’s unique, beautiful, and allows owners to choose specific species based on the type of grain, texture, color, and durability that they want. This is particularly useful for historic locations that want to replace aging materials without sacrificing quality while meeting specific historic restoration goals. However, because hardwoods do react to moisture and humidity, it’s important to consult with an expert like National Floors Directabout which woods are the best choice, and where to use them.

Engineered Hardwoods: Engineered hardwoods use real hardwood strips on a plywood base, fused together to create durable, lightweight planks for easy installation. This creates a durable material that provides an authentic look at a more affordable price. It can be a particularly good choice for those look to save money on specific installations, or those looking to cover concrete and other materials with wood planks without worrying about warping or other issues.

The Historic Pier A Harbor House is only one of the historic renovation projects that National Floors Direct has undertaken. Other examples include restorations at Canal Street Market and contracts with HCRE to help upgrade multiple locations in Soho, Chinatown, LES, and more. National Floors Direct offers services throughout the state and region, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New England.

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National Floors Direct is the First Specialty Retailer to Carry Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring


National Floors Direct provides homeowners with some of the strongest and more durable flooring options on the market today. Recently, they became the first specialty store of their type to offer Mohawk waterproof laminate flooring. This change is one that has the company very excited and could provide homeowners with a more reliable and more durable floor for years to come.

How National Floors Direct Stands Out From Its Competitors 

The debut of this new and exciting product at National Floors Direct should take few by surprise. Over the years, this company has become one of the most trusted direct-to-consumer flooring experts in the nation. They provide instant estimates on flooring, carpet, hardwood, and many other products that make it easier for homeowners to figure out precisely what they’ll spend. 

However, National Floors Direct also specializes in offering specialized products that other providers may not possess. For example, they reached out to Mohawk when their new waterproof laminate flooring was made available. By creating an early deal with them, it was possible to offer this product before other specialty stores like them on the market. 

But just what is Mohawk waterproof laminate flooring, and why was National Floors Direct so excited to get it in their shop? By understanding this option for your home, it should be easier to make a purchasing decision that makes sense for your needs and ensures that you are satisfied with the high-quality products that this dealer provides for its customers. 

Why National Floors Direct Worked Hard to Get This Flooring

Mohawk waterproof laminate flooring is a unique invention that National Floors Direct is proud to offer to its customers. It uses a variety of different systems to produce a floor that is as protected from water as possible. For example, it uses a powerful joint system that butts each piece of flooring together strong enough to keep water from absorbing into its surface. This process helps to protect homeowners from severe damage caused by floods or spills.

These joints are milled to very small tolerances as a way of making them even more durable. And this design also makes these floors easier to install – National Floors Direct finds that this flooring type is often one that many homeowners can do on their own. However, there are other benefits that make this type of flooring an excellent choice for homeowners and something worth investigating.

For instance, this type of flooring is designed to be not only protective but beautiful as well. There are many types available from National Floors Direct, such as mineral oak, gray oak, hearth oak, and more. These varieties are all available in many colors, too, making them an excellent choice for a homeowner who wants a floor that will be beautiful and strong enough to last for years and even decades. 

National Floors Direct Launches New Line of Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring Can Now Be Found within the Offerings of National Floors Direct

Flooring can be a significant investment. Because of the expense, homeowners are looking for flooring that is affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. National Floors Direct has recently added to their diverse flooring selection with Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring.

National Floors Direct deals with residential and commercial customers throughout New York, Maine, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and other areas within the northeast. They understand flooring demands, including dealing with foot traffic coming in from rain and snow.

Many types of flooring are not waterproof. As such, they can be problematic near door entrances. Furthermore, they can lead to problems when installed in bathrooms and kitchens. National Floors Direct understands why waterproof flooring is important, particularly within the northeast part of the United States.

The Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring has a waterproof core. It ensures that the flooring can be used in any area, regardless of how much moisture may be present. If you are deciding on whether to make this purchase, National Floors Direct can go over the many benefits of having waterproof laminate flooring.

National Floors Direct has also been able to add a full category for the Mohawk brand. This allows customers to access a reputable brand that is capable of handling accidents from pets, children, and more.

The Mohawk laminate flooring is available in both tiles and planks. It allows for various designs to be incorporated within a space. When a National Floors Direct professional comes to the home or business, they can measure the space and provide flooring recommendations.

The various Mohawk flooring options are diverse. National Floors Direct will break the color schemes out to make it easier to choose which one will coordinate best. The flooring can be compared against countertops, wall colors, and other elements of a room.

Additionally, the Mohawk waterproof flooring can be quickly clicked and dropped into place, offering a fast installation. National Floors Direct provides options to customers – self-installation or professional installation. After an in-home consultation and estimate are given, it is possible to schedule installation as early as the next day.

National Floors Direct is headquartered in Astoria, New York. Additionally, there are locations through Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Having various locations allows the company to provide service throughout most of the northeast.

As Mohawk is a highly sought-after brand, National Floors Direct has proven that they are serious about providing high-quality flooring to residential and commercial customers alike. For customers looking for waterproof flooring that can be used throughout an entire property, the new line of Mohawk laminate flooring should be considered.

National Floors Direct can schedule estimates, making it easy to buy direct and shop within the comfort of one’s home. Additionally, with no storefronts, it ensures that those savings can be passed on directly to the customer. Finally, financing is also available, making it much easier to afford new flooring.

National Floors Direct Embraces Trends with New Product Categories

National Floors Direct Has Added Several New Product Categories to Keep Up with Customer Demands

Homes across the northeast are getting away from hardwood. However, the appearance of hardwood is still highly coveted. LVP or luxury vinyl planking has grown in popularity as it is affordable, durable to high traffic areas, and has the possibility of being waterproof. National Floors Direct has been embracing the trends by adding several new product categories.

With headquarters in Astoria, New York, and locations scattered throughout the northeast part of the United States, National Floors Direct understands what homeowners are searching for when it comes to flooring. The company wants to offer a large variety to ensure that there is something for everyone’s needs.

One of the ways that National Floors Direct stands out is by doing in-home estimates. Samples of flooring are brought in as opposed to requiring the customer to visit a showroom. By eliminating the showroom, a number of expenses have been eliminated, too.

Luxury vinyl has improved considerably in the past few years. Textures are being added to the vinyl to make it feel more like wood. This can add a more rugged look to a room. Additionally, a waterproof core is being incorporated into many products. In the past, luxury vinyl was typically kept out of flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas due to its inability to handle water effectively. However, by choosing a waterproof vinyl flooring, National Floors Direct explains that it’s now possible to use this type of flooring in these areas.

National Floors Direct has added a few new product categories over the past year, including Mohawk Waterproof laminate flooring and Shaw SPC core waterproof LVP. Both of these are highly reputable brands that are sought after by homeowners.

Within each of these product categories are various options for the homeowner to consider, such as planks and tiles. These flooring options can provide different illusions within the rooms. For instance, the planks give the appearance of hardwood planks. Meanwhile, the tile can give the appearance of either parquet, marble, or even slate. Further, National Floors Direct will show off the various color schemes offered by each of the brands.

As a result of National Floors Direct understanding the latest trends in flooring, the company has had the privilege of working with a number of top brands across New York City and beyond. National Floors Direct was hired by Sohotel in NYC to replace the flooring as part of its modern renovation. They have also restored flooring within the Canal Street Market and throughout the Fresh & Co locations in NYC and Westchester.

When homeowners decide that they want a flooring refresh, National Floors Direct can provide insight into the latest trends. For added convenience, a free in-home consultation can be scheduled. At this consultation, a flooring professional will bring samples, measure the space, and offer a number of recommendations. In many instances, the latest flooring trends can be installed inside of a home as early as the very next day.

National Floors Direct Reviews Discusses the Impact of New Flooring in a Home

Homeowners Can Choose to Add Flooring to Their Home to Get a Dramatic Remodel

Many homeowners look at affordable ways to make a dramatic impact in their homes after a few years of ownership. While this can be done with expensive remodels, National Floors Direct reviews identify that it can also be done by replacing floors.

National Floors Direct reviews explain the various types of flooring that can be used inside of a home, including tile, laminate, and hardwood. Laminate has become a popular choice over the years because of the versatility that it offers. It’s also highly durable and is easy to maintain.

Many homeowners find that National Floors Direct reviews can guide them toward the colors and styles they want to introduce within their homes. Laminate can offer more diverse color schemes than wood, ensuring that a homeowner can opt for tans, grays, and even colors for their flooring.

By ripping up old flooring, it can give people a chance to get rid of damaged and stained flooring. Further, it can eliminate odors. Then, new flooring can be added in order to brighten a room. Depending on how certain floors are installed, it can also make a room look larger. Installation teams available from National Floors Direct reviews can identify ways to make rooms look longer, wider, and larger overall.

When National Floors Direct reviews are used to explore trends, homeowners can also learn about the various costs. Some can choose to take a DIY approach by having the materials shipped to their homes while others will prefer to spend a bit more in order to get professional installation.

Regardless of the flooring that is chosen, National Floors Direct reviews can make it easier to identify the estimates, provide installation directions, and discuss the pros and cons of a specific material.

Many homeowners find it beneficial to explore flooring samples prior to making a decision. This way, the flooring can be matched in the space to see how it will coordinate with existing materials such as wall colors, countertops, and cabinets. Then, National Floors Direct reviews can identify tips on how to match the samples in order to get the desired effect.

In the end, National Floors Direct has been taking a revolutionary approach to how to offer floor coverings for homeowners. It ensures that people can make an impact in their homes without spending a significant amount of money.

Homeowners looking to change the overall ambiance of their home can explore the various carpet and flooring options available further by looking to see what National Floors Direct reviews say about specific materials and installation methods.

Contact: National Floors Direct can be contacted directly through their website.

National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Explains the Benefits of Laminate

Laminate, a multi-layer material made from pressed wood, is one of the most popular flooring options for residential and commercial applications. National Floors Direct, a direct-to-consumer specialty flooring provider, carries a broad selection of laminate products. As the National Floors Direct team explains here, laminate encompasses many essential qualities property owners look for.


National Floors Direct Explains 4 Benefits of Laminate Floors


1) Versatility

National Floors Direct ReviewsOne of the prime benefits of laminate is its versatility. Laminate can mimic wood, as well as tile or stone, providing the same lovely aesthetics at a fraction of the cost. It is also much easier to care for compared to some of these other materials. Laminate can be installed in any room as well, be it the living room, bathroom, den, bedroom, hallway, or kitchen.


2) Easy Upkeep

Laminate is also easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its resin coating. You can vacuum, dust, or damp cloth-mop, and no special cleaning solutions are needed. Unlike some materials, such as tile and hardwood, laminate doesn’t require regular refinishing.


3) Durability

Because it is made up of several layers, laminate is dent, scuff, and scratch-resistant. It is also impervious to fading and stains, making it a great option for heavy-traffic areas like entryways and hallways. Its locking board panels help it to last for several years without any need for repairs. Most warranties on laminate floors last 10 to 30 years. Laminate is available in water-resistant varieties, reducing the risk of moisture damage.


4) Affordable

Laminate is one of the most affordable flooring types. It costs about half as much as hardwood, though it can imitate the appearance of natural wood floors. It’s about the same price as vinyl or linoleum but has additional benefits, such as eco-friendliness and a better appearance. On top of this, National Floors Direct guarantees all of their products are the best price in the industry by 15% or more, making their laminate floors an unbeatable deal.


More on National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct is the East Coast’s leading direct-to-consumer specialty flooring provider, founded by flooring industry veterans who previously owned several shops in the Greater New York City area. National Floors Direct is staffed by a team of experts who provide a direct connection to the creme de la creme of hardwood, carpet, and luxury vinyl flooring Its extensive catalog featuring some of the world’s best-known flooring brands, including Shaw and Mohawk.


As the owners of National Floors Direct put it, they offer “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.” In addition to their impressive catalog, the company also provides white-glove customer service. Their team will visit your home or business to provide samples and allow you to see what selections will look like in your space with your furnishings, decor, and lighting, a luxury not possible visiting a showroom. They’ll also provide an on-the-spot installation estimate.


With a service region encompassing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, National Floors Direct is the go-to supplier for East Coast businesses and residents alike.

Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate.

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National Floors Direct the Perfect Partner for Spring Home Improvement Projects

With spring just around the corner, it’s an opportune time to begin planning home improvement projects. Whether you intend to move in the near future or will pass your home down to the next generation, installing new flooring is a fantastic way to add value to your property while enhancing livability and aesthetics. National Floors Direct, one of the United States’ leading direct-to-consumer specialty flooring providers, is known throughout the Eastern seaboard as the source for fantastic flooring products and service.

The New York-based company was founded by industry veterans who spent several years owning and operating flooring shops before founding National Floors Direct in 2005. The company is based on an innovative and customer-focused concept. The flooring provider offers a direct connection between consumers and some of the world’s biggest name-brand flooring manufacturers. By eliminating the middle man, National Floors Direct is able to cut costs drastically without cutting any corners.

As the owners put it, they offer “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.” The company’s extensive catalog features a broad range of flooring options, including high-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products, some of which are exclusive to National Floors Direct.

Their capacious selection includes industry-leading products such as waterproof laminate and vinyl flooring, ideal for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens prone to moisture buildup. These products, offered by manufacturers Mohawk and Shaw, respectively, are also ideal choices for homes with mess-prone small children or pets. National Floors Direct also carries a broad range of beautiful carpets, hardwoods, and luxury vinyl, all of which are guaranteed the lowest price in the industry by 15 percent or more.

Whatever your flooring needs, National Floors Direct is committed to helping you find the ideal product for your space. Another unique feature of National Floors Direct is its white-glove customer service. By “bringing the store to your door,” these professionals provide an opportunity to see how samples will look in a home or business with its particular lighting, decor, and furnishings. The team also measures and prices the job on the spot.

National Floors Direct’s reviews are a testament to their exceptional offerings. Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate.

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct Geared Up for Success

National Floors Direct, one of the East Coast’s most successful direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty services, is expanding its commercial and residential footprint. The company has flourished over the past few years and in 2019 opened a brand new 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art distribution center in its home base, Astoria, NY, to meet increasing demand. The renowned flooring supplier also secured some significant contracts for commercial projects in the NYC area, including a partnership with Fresh & Co. and real estate developer HCRE, and promoted three staff members to management positions.National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct’s founders are industry veterans with decades of experience operating floor covering shops throughout the East Coast. In 2005, they decided to forge their own path with the direct-to-consumer venture, cutting out the middle man to provide “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.” National Floors Direct’s success is a testament to the value of educated risk-taking. With its motto, “We Bring the Store to Your Door,” the company has steadily grown into the niche market monolith it is today.

With National Floors Direct, customers are spoilt of choice with an extensive catalog of carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood laminate, and commercial flooring products from some of the biggest name brands in the world. While such products would normally cost a pretty penny, National Floors Direct’s unique approach of bridging the gap between manufacturer and consumer enables them to guarantee the lowest prices in the industry by 15 percent or more.

Not only do customers get a guaranteed bargain on exceptional products, but they also enjoy first-class customer service. The National Floors Direct team visits clients’ homes with samples to help them choose the ideal products for their space. Unlike visiting a showroom, this allows clients to see exactly what the flooring will look like with their lighting, furniture, and decor. The team also offers instant estimates and next-day installation on all in-stock merchandise.

With a service region encompassing much of the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, and a slew of five-star reviews, National Floors Direct is well on its way to becoming one of the United States’ foremost flooring providers.
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National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct Opens New Distribution Center in Astoria

National Floors Direct, one of the Northeast United States’ biggest direct-to-consumer specialty flooring providers, is starting 2020 on a high note. The company recently announced the company recently opened a brand new state-of-the-art, 60,000 distribution center in Astoria, NY, to meet increasing demand. The company serves a broad range of clientele from individual homeowners to major real estate and commercial enterprises, and business is booming.

National Floors Direct’s service region includes most of the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. The company, headquartered in Astoria, also has locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey.National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct’s founders spent decades operating floor covering stores throughout the region before opening their direct-to-consumer venture, which provides “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.” Since its inception in 2005, the company has grown steadily into the monolith it is today.

The supplier is unique in that it offers an extensive catalog of exceptional-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products from some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands at a fraction of the cost of boutique retailers, without compromising on quality, safety, or durability. From tried-and-true classics to innovative new products, like Mohawk’s waterproof laminate flooring or Shaw’s SPC core waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring, National Floors Direct carries a broad range of guaranteed-in-stock products, all of which are the lowest price in the industry by at least 15%.

While expanding its service area to provide incredible floors for more customers, the company has maintained a strong presence in New York, working with some of New York City’s biggest developers and brands. National Floors Direct is particularly proud to contribute to the restoration and rejuvenation of historically and culturally important sites like Canal Street Market and Historic Pier A Harbor House, as well as new NYC favorites like Fresh & Co.

National Floors Direct’s reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as their reputation in the real estate, flooring, and construction and contracting industries, are a testament to their superb work and product offerings.

National Floors Direct is looking forward to serving even more customers and participating in more exciting projects in the new year.

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National Floors Direct Bids on Project With Triton Construction

National Floors Direct, one of the Northeast United States’ most successful direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty services, has supplied flooring for numerous residential and commercial properties throughout the East Coast. Recently, the company moved to increase its commercial footprint with an aggressive bid with Triton Construction. The development, 21 stories and 71,000 square feet located at 310-314 East 86th Street in Manhattan would have been one of National Floors Direct’s biggest projects to date. 


National Floors Direct, headquartered in Astoria, NY, recently opened a brand new state-of-the-art 60,0000 square-feet distribution center in Astoria to meet increasing demand. It also has locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey, with a service region encompassing most of the Northeast United States. 


They have been involved in many significant projects in New York, including restoring the flooring at the historic Canal Street Market and Pier A Harbor House. National Floors Direct also 

won a contract with the esteemed New York City developer HCRE to be the exclusive floor-covering provider for all of HCRE’s NYC buildings. This includes prime locations in SoHo, Chinatown, and LES, as well as Flushing, Queens, where HCRE is currently developing a 300,000 square-foot space. 


HCRE is a real estate developer focused on unique, high-quality opportunities in and around New York City, per the company’s LinkedIn profile. 


Whether residential or commercial, National Floors Direct guarantees top-quality goods and the lowest price in the industry by 15% or more for all clients and projects. Not only do they offer an extensive catalog with products from some of the world’s biggest brands, but the team will “Bring the Store to Your Door®,” visiting customers’ homes or offices with samples so the consumer can exactly what the product will look like in their space.

National Floors Direct emphasizes customer satisfaction and safety as much as convenience and product quality. National Floors Direct’s reviews, including an average 4-star rating out of nearly 400 on Google, reflect this. 


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