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How National Floors Direct Can Help with all Your Flooring Needs

How National Floors Direct Can Help with all Your Flooring Needs

National Floors Direct knows a home is the most important and valuable asset that most people will ever own. Due to this, it is important that you keep it in good shape and make upgrades along the way. Improving the flooring of your home can be a great way to improve its appearance and even make it more functional. The team with National Floors Direct can provide you with a variety of services that can help with all of your flooring needs.

Consultation on Flooring Options

When you are looking to improve or replace the flooring in a room of your home, National Floors Direct will first help by providing a full consultation. The process of choosing new flooring for any room of your home can be challenging due to the variety of options that you have. This company can offer a variety of flooring options including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile or laminate. They can then help you find a floor option that is ideal for your situation based on the function of the room, your personal style and the household budget.

National Floors Direct Offers Great Deals

Once you have decided on the type of flooring that you want, the company can offer you a variety of great deals. The company always offers a free estimate so you will know exactly what the cost will be without taking on any risk or expense. They frequently provide a variety of great discounts off the cost of installation and can provide even further savings for those that book their purchase an appointment online.

Expert Installation and Care

When you are going to have any type of work done in your home, you will want it to be as impressive as possible. The team with National Floors Direct works hard to ensure that you are very happy with your new flooring. They only offer high-quality and durable products that look great and will last for a long time. Through the installation process, they will carefully measure and cut the products, provide necessary padding for carpeting and can even handle any challenging parts of the installation including stairs or complex room designs.

Commercial Services

While having nice flooring is important for any property owner, if you own or manage a commercial property having nice flooring will also be advantageous. The team with National Floors Direct can offer a full range of commercial services as well. This can help to ensure that your place of business looks great while also being able to impress customers and offer all of your team members a safe and comfortable place to work.

New flooring is a great addition to any home or commercial property. When you are looking to improve the flooring of your home, you should call National Floors Direct. The team here can offer a range of services to keep your property looking great.

National Floors Direct Gives Exclusive Insight About Flooring Trends in 2021

National Floors Direct Gives Exclusive Insight About Flooring Trends in 2021

National Floors Direct Offers Direction to Homeowners for Remodeling Decisions

National Floors Direct knows when it comes to remodeling, homeowners have many directions to choose from, and flooring remains a favored one. National Floors Direct gives insight into the flooring trends that are the most popular and cost-effective in 2021. This exclusive insight allows homeowners to have a fresh and updated look for their homes. And they can avoid making decisions about products that aren’t beneficial to use in certain areas. Consumers want the best return on their investment. And National Floors Direct reviews are reflective of the company’s commitment to being a valuable resource.

Technology and Quality Changes
Trending styles constantly shift towards the consumers’ expectations. Yet, there’s no denying the impact that technology has had on improving the quality of flooring materials. And that is benefiting homeowners immensely. Contractors typically install various flooring textures, such as linoleum in the kitchen, tiles in the bathroom, and carpet or hardwood in other areas. But composite flooring is now considered unfashionable. Homeowners prefer clean and natural flooring throughout the entire home. According to National Floors Direct, “The trends in 2021 are abundantly clear. Whether it’s the materials or patterns, homeowners want an aesthetic appearance that is more simplistic. Single flooring is now preferred throughout the entire home.”

Common Living Areas
The popularity of installing carpets has continued to decline in 2021. Until recently, some homeowners were choosing a classic hardwood entry along with the walkway and in the kitchen and adjourning family room. And carpet would be selected for the separate living room and formal dining room. Homeowners only chose hard flooring for specific areas.

But the trend has shifted towards choosing a more straightforward look with hard flooring throughout all areas, despite them being separated. Because carpet may still be preferred in the bedroom, National Floors Direct recommends that homeowners opt for frieze carpet, which is more cost-effective and has longer and looser pile fibers to reduce wear and tear. “Homeowners should choose frieze carpet with a solid color and a shorter pile,” says National Floors Direct. “The carpet fibers are twisted three to five times and can mask the traffic pattern much easier.”

Hardwood remains a top choice in 2021. But not all homeowners are willing to shell out the expense that it takes to have solid hardwood floors. Therefore, Embossed-in-Register (EIR) finishes are becoming increasingly popular. EIR finishes mimic the same features found in hardwood flooring. The natural wood plank, grain, and indentations are nearly perfected. EIR is also available for laminate and vinyl flooring, which has cost-saving benefits and provides an attractive finish for homeowners.

About Us
After nearly eight decades, National Floors Direct remains a leader in the flooring industry. Since 2005, our business model and operations have pivoted to direct-to-consumer operations with a focus on providing innovative products at cost-saving prices. Our catalog of products is curated by design professionals, and we continue to offer first-rate quality products by top brands. National Floors Direct reviews are the result of being resolute in consumer satisfaction

Best Flooring for the Bathroom

National Floors Direct: Best Flooring for the Bathroom

National Floors Direct offers free in-home estimates, national name brand flooring, and next-day installation. They have several types of flooring to select from for your bathroom. Whether you are redoing the flooring by choice or because it was damaged.

Bathroom floors are usually tile or luxury vinyl but it’s your bathroom, and National Floors Direct will install whatever type of flooring you prefer.

National Floors Direct — Flooring Types

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is commonly used in bathrooms. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match any decor. National Floors Direct offers sample tiles, and you can choose which one you want and have it installed the next day.

National Floors Direct — Services

Not only does National Floors Direct bring the flooring samples to you, but they also provide expert knowledge.

They provide the flooring installation with an option of next-day service. If you’re having a carpet installed, you get free premium carpet padding.

They also move your furniture to measure and provide a layout. Once the flooring is laid, your furniture is moved back.

National Floors Direct also provides financing to an eligible customer with no interest for an entire year.

Why Choose National Direct Flooring?

National Direct Flooring brings the store to your front door. They have name-brand flooring that includes the following types:

  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Commercial

They provide a free in-home estimate and determine which type of flooring is best for which room of the house based on their experience and expertise.

The area is measured, and you are given an estimate. If you accept the assessment, they can install your new flooring the next day. If you find flooring at a cheaper price National Direct Flooring will save you at least 15% of the lowest price flooring you can find.

National Direct Flooring guarantees the lowest price, or it is free. Their employees are qualified specialists who are more than willing to answer all your questions and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new flooring.

They bring 75 years of flooring experience to your home. They are a family-owned and run business that wants to provide their customers with the best flooring, installation, and advice at the best price. You can find a National Direct Flooring in several Northern states such as NY, NJ, CT, MA, CT, PA, etc.

National Floors Direct Reviews Discuss How to Select Hardwood Floors

National Floors Direct Reviews Discuss How to Select Hardwood Floors

National Floors Direct Reviews — Types of hardwood Floors

There are two main types of hardwood floors, and each subcategory of hardwood floors falls into one of these two groups – solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. National Floors Direct Reviews helps customers decide how to select hardwood floors.

Once the customer has decided if they want solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring, they can select the best type for their project.

National Floors Direct Reviews is eager to inform customers of the different flooring types that fall under each category. Under the solid hardwood, you will find Cherry, Oak, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory, Maple, Douglas Fir, Ash, Birch, Teak, Pine, Red pine, White Pine, and Mahogany are the ten most popular types of solid hardwood. Every species of tree can become a hardwood floor.

Once you decide on the type of wood, you must choose a stain, gloss, dimensions, edge detail, and so a style — site-finished or pre-finished and so much more that’s why it is so important to have the help of National Floors Direct Reviews.

National Floors Direct Reviews discusses the different types of engineered hardwood flooring: plywood, SPF, and HDF core. Again, you must decide on the stain, thickness, gloss, etc. Choosing the right type of flooring is not easy.

Now that National Floors Direct Reviews has filled you in on flooring types, you have to select the flooring for your home. Do you want hardwood that is more expensive than engineered hardwood but will last you a lifetime, or engineered hardwood that is expensive but not as expensive as hardwood, allows you to change your flooring for less money in the future?

National Floors Direct Reviews has provided you with the essential information you need to decide. You can choose to mix and match the two types of flooring and the materials and the styles. Nothing written in stone says you must select one type/style and use it throughout your entire home. Get crazy and mix things up — create your unique flooring style with help.

It is more difficult to decide when you’re choosing between hardwood because of the huge selection and, in some cases, the price. That’s where National Floors Direct Reviews can help you make the right affordable decisions, so you can still have your dream home with your dream flooring.

National Floors Direct Reviews has been helping customers make these decisions for several years. Their representative will bring the samples to your door. With their excellent customer service, you never have to leave your home, and they will explain everything you want to know about flooring, so you can make an educated decision.

National Floors Direct Offers The Best Practices for Protecting and Maintaining Your New Hardwood Floor

National Floors Direct Offers The Best Practices for Protecting and Maintaining Your New Hardwood Floor

National Floors Direct explains how to care for your new investment, so it stays elegant for years to come.

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable and last an average of 20 years before they need to be refinished or replaced, but they can last much longer with proper care. National Floors Direct explains how to care for your new investment, so it stays elegant for years to come.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors
According to National Floors Direct, one of the best things you can do for hardwood floors is to sweep each day. You can use a broom or a dust mop for daily cleaning. Once a week, vacuum the floor. This helps remove dirt and dust that is trapped in the crevices of the floor.

How hardwood floors are cleaned will depend on the finish. If your floor has a polyurethane finish, National Floors Direct states that you can clean it with vinegar and water or purchase a wood floor cleaner. If you have waxed hardwood floors, it’s best to mop with a waterless cleaner designed for waxed hardwood flooring. You can clean the floor with a vinegar and water solution or water with mild dish soap. Squeeze the mop out very well and dry the floor with a cloth immediately after mopping. Never let water stand on a waxed floor.

Waxed floors will eventually become dull. In most cases, buffing the floor will bring back the shine. Eventually, you’ll need to remove the old wax with mineral spirits and reapply the wax. Steam mops shouldn’t be used on hardwood floors of any type.

Protecting Hardwood Floors
Moisture is the enemy of hardwood floors. Polyurethane finished floors will hold up to moisture better than waxed flooring, according to National Floors Direct. Over time, however, water can damage any hardwood flooring. It’s important to clean spills as soon as they happen. Don’t allow water or mud to be tracked in during bad weather.

National Floors Direct states that humidity and temperature are also important. Wood flooring expands and contracts based on temperature and humidity. High heat and humidity cause the floors to expand, while cold temperatures cause it to contract. Floors are installed with room to expand, but if they expand too much, it can cause cupping and warping, according to National Floors Direct. Quick temperature changes are also bad for your floors. The temperature in your home should remain between 60-80 degrees. If you live in an area with high humidity, you may need a dehumidifier to keep your floors from getting too much moisture.

Furniture pads are one of the simplest ways to protect your hardwood floors. National Floors Direct explains that scratches are a common problem with hardwood flooring. This usually occurs when furniture is moved across the floor. Adding furniture pads to the feet of all furniture will protect the floor from these scratches. In addition, keep objects picked up off the floor. Items like toys, keys, and kitchen utensils can easily scratch your wood as well. Refinishing can bring dull floors back to life, making them an excellent investment.

National Floors Direct Reviews The Best Recommendations For Carpet Maintenance and Maximizing Floor Life

National Floors Direct Reviews The Best Recommendations For Carpet Maintenance and Maximizing Floor Life

National Floors Direct Reviews The Best Recommendations For Carpet Maintenance and Maximizing Floor Life

National Floors Direct knows that with a surge in home improvement projects underway and being completed nationwide since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many households, small businesses, and corporate headquarters are starting a new year with new flooring.

The National Floors Direct reviews regarding consumer needs indicate a desire to maintain the shine and appearance of new flooring and carpeting for as long as possible and maximize the investment in new flooring.

The reviews on National Floors Direct encompass an extensive range of carpeting types with a wide array of piles and patterns. Choosing the right carpet type for your home or business is crucial. Loop pile is an excellent investment for high traffic locations, while more plush options, such as cut pile, are more often used in less active spaces of homes.

For carpeting, National Floors Direct reviews various carpeting options, including carpeting options with built-in stain protection. For sites or homes where spills and mishaps are likely, carpeting with this treatment resists stains and helps avoid permanent eyesores.

Per the National Floors Direct reviews, consumer maintenance is also crucial for preventing dirt. The reviews suggest vacuuming once per week against dirt to keep it from becoming pressed deep into carpet fibers. For heavily used floor spaces with a greater likelihood of tracking, consider more frequent cleanings.

When a spill does occur, whether on stain-resistant or untreated carpeting, deal with it immediately for the best results. According to National Floors Direct reviews, this minimizes the surface area of the spill and provides the best opportunity for complete cleaning on the carpet.

For homes and businesses with a deeper construction and a relatively set floor plan for furniture and accessories, National Floors Direct reviews emphasized the importance of regular cleaning of carpeting behind furniture. Slide the couch or table over routinely and vacuum around it and over it to fluff out the fibers.

Establishing a regular cleaning schedule is also essential, according to National Floors Direct. When possible, invest in professional carpet cleaning with specialized equipment approximately every two years. This helps remove deep traces of dirt and restore carpet fibers to a seemingly brand-new thickness.

For hard flooring, a regular cleaning schedule is recommended. Keeping the floors clean removes debris capable of damaging the finish over time and helps maintain the new floor finish. National Floors Direct reviews also advise removing spills immediately to avoid leakage and using pads under heavy furniture to prevent tearing or grooving of floors.

Hardwood floors require refinishing every few years and should be cleaned using a wood floor cleaner monthly to maximize their useful life and appearance in a home or business. A National Floors Direct representative can always walk customers through care and maintenance basics after professional installation.

National Floors Direct Offers An Insight on The Best Season For Hardwood Floor Installations

National Floors Direct Offers An Insight on The Best Season For Hardwood Floor Installations

Business Owners and Residential Customers Turn to National Floors Direct for Guidance

[LOCATION, DATE] Hardwood has become one of the most popular floorings options for residential homes and businesses. Whether it’s solid or engineered wood, installation must be completed at the right time to get the most out of it. National Floors Direct, a leader in the direct-to-consumer industry, gives an unprecedented insight into this dilemma. The company provided insight into which season is best for hardwood floor installations and how each season has a distinct impact.

Peak Project Seasons Aren’t Always The Best Weather Season

Often, consumers believe that winter is a reasonable time to install hardwood floors, and understandably so. Winter is synonymous with the holidays for homeowners, and it’s traditionally a season when most businesses want to attract new customers. However, regardless of the part of the country, winter is the driest season. Adhesives need indoor temperatures to remain in the 70s for optimum results, and winter creates a problem when temperatures are in the 60s or below.

Because of the warmer temperatures, spring and summer are when projects are usually completed. Although spring does have advantages for hardwood flooring installations, such as lower humidity, it is often unreliable due to unpredictable weather conditions. This predicament creates an issue with timing; therefore, spring should be avoided as much as possible to prevent hardwood flooring from swelling during the installation. Summer brings its share of challenges with temperatures rising and needing to cool the area frequently. Flooring adhesive may take longer to seal without a constant cooling effect and may compromise the work.

National Floors Direct Recommends The Best Season For Installations

To protect your investment, National Floors Direct recommends that residential customers and businesses choose fall as the most advantageous season for hardwood floor installations. “Consumers should also heavily rely on product specifications from their flooring retailer or distributor,” suggests a National Floors Direct representative. “Engineered hardwood is easier to install; however, solid hardwood floors shouldn’t be used in basements due to moisture and humidity, which can harm the wood.”

Typically, the humidity levels during fall are much more moderate, which is ideal. It is much easier for temperatures to be adjusted between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside the home or business during fall. Not only are you reducing the likelihood of a lengthier acclimation period, but you’re also minimizing the possibilities of expensive damages that could potentially occur with other seasons. If you want to prevent cracking, cupping, and warping, fall should be the desired choice.

About Us

With over 75 years of experience in flooring installations, National Floors Direct has become world-renowned. In 2005, the company changed its business model and operations from floor covering stores to a direct-to-consumer business. This revolutionary approach allowed National Floors Direct to offer homeowners and businesses a chance to reduce costs as well as use a catalog curated by design professionals. The company can provide direct insight for properly handling any project and continues to innovate opportunities for high-quality name-brand products.

National Floors Direct Reviews The Best Carpeting Options For Your New Floor

National Floors Direct Reviews The Best Carpeting Options For Your New Floor

National Floors Direct reviews the top floor covering recommendations as home improvement spending remains strong in the U.S. in 2021.

Looking over National Floors Direct reviews is a unique way to see carpet preferences as home improvement projects started during the pandemic remain a top priority in 2021.

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, home improvement spending surged by 8.7% in 2020, and it was fueled by practical reasons related to the pandemic. Homeowners started spending more time at home and could plan projects, while some businesses and corporations pursued well-needed improvements to interior spaces as the workforce clocked in remotely.

As the list of 2021 projects continues to grow, picking new carpeting is on the mind of many, and National Floors Direct reviews the top recommendations for customers based on unique needs. The Astoria, NY-based business is a national leader in the direct-to-consumer flooring market.

For those who realized the carpet was a bit worse for wear during a year at home, National Floors Direct reviews favored a Berber installation for high-traffic areas of the house. Pick a tight-weave Berber for the playroom, mixed-use basement, or other places where feet are always passing, and routine cleaning is necessary.

When adding luxury is part of the plan, National Floors Direct offers a variety of cut pile carpets designed to provide a plush feeling and a lustrous look in the dining room or more formal living spaces. For the more extravagant projects, National Floors Direct reviews recommended Saxony for its velvet feel while at the same time maintaining a premium, smooth texture. If a lower-key finish is desired, velvet plush features more exceptional durability, while textured plush combines a softer carpet with the sturdiness a growing family requires.

According to National Floors Direct reviews, a small business, home office space, or commercial building in need of wall-to-wall carpeting or accented areas may find that loop pile carpet meets a variety of needs due to its durability under heavy foot traffic. The closed loops hold up as spring rains, and winter snows are tracked indoors and don’t bear the signs of vacuuming and cleaning like more plush options.

Twist carpeting is also a minor alternative without the mess — picture a neat, short shag that can be easily cleaned and is very durable. The National Floors Direct reviews referenced this option for both home renovations and family-focused rentals.

When accent carpeting is more suitable, cut and loop pile carpeting is available in unique patterns to make a commercial space complement a new interior design in the home, according to National Floors Direct reviews.

About National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct is a family-managed business still using the personal touch of free in-home, in-store or in-office consultations, showcasing carpet and flooring options.

National Floors Direct Expands Operations To South Florida

National Floors Direct Expands Operations To South Florida

The Sunshine State is the latest location to benefit from the growth of National Floors Direct. An Astoria, New York-based flooring company with a significant presence across the northeast and east coasts.

The expansion of National Floors Direct into South Florida, includes the launch of a new distribution center in Deerfield Beach, FL that will accommodate the growing demand from millions of homeowners and businesses throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Indian River, Monroe, Martin, Okeechobee, and St. Lucie counties.

National Floors Direct maintains a unique presence in the direct-to-consumer market, offering a personalized touch for homeowners, small businesses, corporate offices, and rental construction and renovation. National Floors Direct still utilizes classic in-home or in-office appointments to showcase the latest carpet and flooring offerings from top manufacturers.

The expansion to South Florida provides National Floors Direct with a prime location for channeling materials to new jobs for installation crews and contractors across the country. The distribution centers will serve as both a restocking point and a hub for the hiring and disbursement of installation crews. Quick installation in both home and commercial spaces is a hallmark of the company and sets them apart from other retailers.

All employees at the distribution center become part of the National Floors Direct family and extend the same care and attention to customers when presenting samples in-home or coordinating a major office renovation. The goal is to provide a seamless transition from start to finish and offer a streamlined shopping process with the personality, knowledge, and efficiency often lacking from the store experience.

The National Floors Direct distribution center in Deerfield Beach – minutes from Ft. Lauderdale – will house a full range of the National Floors Direct product catalog, a unique selection of flooring, and carpeting personally selected by professionals in interior design. The company’s various styles help showcase classic homes and capture the modern vibe of trendy businesses and boutique hotels. The stock at National Floors Direct is second-to-none and features a comprehensive product range available with the best price possible, guaranteed.

About National Floors Direct

A leader in the direct-to-consumer market and headquartered in Astoria, the management team at National Floors Direct has over 75 years of experience delivering high-quality floor coverings. From mastering home renovations to establishing a unified aesthetic in large commercial spaces, National Floors Direct is ready for any challenge and is consistently developing new practices to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

National Floors Direct Present Their Variety of Services to Help Transform Homes

National Floors Direct Present Their Variety of Services to Help Transform Homes

The largest investment and asset that most people will ever own is their home. Due to the importance of this and the fact that it is a place where anyone can live for a long time, hence it requires proper care. One way to do this is by improving the flooring. National Floors Direct continues Feedback to show that this company can provide a range of services that can help to transform the property.

National Floors Direct Offers Consultation and No Obligation Quotes

One quick fact about National Floors Direct is that the company can provide a full consultation. They visit people’s houses and help them find ways to improve with new flooring. They also work with a budget and personal preferences to determine a new design plan that works. They can then provide a no-obligation quote, the total cost will be revealed before the work begins.

National Floors Direct Offers A Variety of Flooring Options

Anyone who is working to improve their home’s flooring will want to have as many options at their disposal as possible. National Floors Direct, offers a variety of flooring. Some of these flooring options will include new carpeting, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, or laminate. Colours and styles can also be personalised and customised according to preferences.

National Floors Direct Can Handle A Wide Range of Products

It is always helpful to work with an experienced company that has seen a lot of different situations. The company has worked on a variety of commercial projects that many people enjoy on a daily basis. This is on top of their standard residential home improvement projects.

Anyone reading National Floors Direct reviews will find that the company offers many benefits to its customers. It promises comfort and quality to its customers assuring excellent customer service as well as an astounding final product that will keep homes looking great. This is due to the high-quality products that the company provides, which makes them durable enough to handle any volume of foot traffic in different markets all over the country.