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National Floors Direct on The Qualities and Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

National Floors Direct is an installer of high-quality carpet and flooring. With more than 75 years of cumulative experience, National Floors Direct has earned a reputation for its own “white glove” style of service and competitive prices.

 One of the most popular types of flooring in recent years is luxury vinyl. This is due to its high water resistance, durability, and ability to deliver an aesthetically refined veneer. We asked the team at National Floors Direct if there were any additional benefits of this flooring material, and this is what we learned.

 When most people hear the word “vinyl,” they think of fragile vintage records. In contrast to this, vinyl flooring is quite durable. Looking at its numerous qualities, as National Floors Direct explained, we can see why this material is rapidly growing in popularity.

 Quality Appearance

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) is produced using the most advanced techniques available today. Any naturalistic type of surface can be faithfully reproduced so that even the eye of a trained professional may have trouble spotting the difference. Of course, while the look of wood, marble, or any other texture can be easily mimicked, the durable wear layer can be made to provide a small amount of buffer for support.

 Low Price

While LVT is not the least expensive quality flooring material available, it can successfully match the appearance of the most expensive flooring materials for a much more affordable price.

 Safe & Non Toxic

National Floors Direct stated the outer layer’s durability comes from LVT’s ability to resist leaching. This has significant health implications since it is the leaching of plastics and other petroleum-based products that make them a health hazard. LVT has a low to zero material leaching profile, which makes it both sustainable and non-toxic.

 Environmentally Sound

Even when it comes time to replace your LVT, this material recycles extremely well and will not leach into the soil or groundwater during the interim.

 Easy to Maintain

With advanced material science aid, National Floors Direct explained that LVT will outlast most flooring types, even under heavy use.

 National Floors Direct is excited to provide this advanced, beautiful, durable, and versatile flooring material. They are taking requests now, and it’s a great time to get ahead of the summer rush.

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