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National Floors Direct Discusses the Floor Restoration of Pier A Harbor House and BlackTail NYC

Long gone are the days when Downtown Manhattan was a wasteland closed off to the public. In recent years, lower Manhattan has gotten a second wind, and a lot of money has gone into its restoration and development. Pier A Harbor House is one of the projects that National Floors Direct is most proud of in lower Manhattan.

For a long period of 130 years, Pier A Harbor House was closed to the public. Since it opened in 1886, Pier A served as headquarters to the New York Harbor Police. After much consideration from several historical committees, the restoration process was on its way. The restoration process would take several years, with a projected budget of $40 million. Restoring Pier A would create a restaurant, bar, and private event space. National Floors Direct was in charge of restoring the floors for Pier A as well as BlackTail restaurant.

To National Floors Direct, BlackTail restaurant is a great accomplishment since it was number 29 of the 150 best bars in America. Although there are several bars in Pier A, the creators of BlackTail had already known success with their previous restaurant, Dead Rabbit.

Dead Rabbit is one of the most upscale restaurants downtown Manhattan has to offer, and BlackTail couldn’t be the exception. The atmosphere at BlackTail is quite unique as it packs a diverse mix of people. Due to its location near the Financial District and the Statue of Liberty Cruise, BlackTail has a mix of tourists and working professionals.

Entering BlackTail is a journey that takes customers back to the era of prohibition. When they arrive, guests must climb a wooden staircase, which adds to the speakeasy feel. Sticking to the theme of the restaurant, one can only describe the menus as something out of a Hemmingway era. BlackTail wants to transport customers to the prohibition era when wealthy Americans traveled to Cuba to have the cocktails flow. This is one of the many reasons why National Floors Direct is proud of its collaboration with Pier A and BlackTail.

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