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National Floors Direct Explains The Importance of Maintenance For Preserving Your New Floor

National Floors Direct is a leading installer of quality carpets in the North-Eastern United States. With a dedication to Healthy Home Certified floor products and more than 75 years of experience, National Floors Direct provides its own unique “white glove” style service at competitive prices.

During our conversations with the National Floors Direct Team, we learned about best practices in installation and the value of high-quality materials.

Putting in new flooring is a significant investment. It can improve your quality of life and the value of your home. Taking good care of your new flooring is essential to protecting your investment and making it last for many years.

Carpet Can Get Out of Control Quick

Carpeted areas, especially in high traffic spots, can quickly absorb dirt, food, mud, and pet tracks. Once dirt and moisture work their way into the fabric, it’s only a matter of time before mold sets in. Once this process starts, it can be slowed or covered up, but it isn’t easy to stop—the use of rugs and regular cleaning are vital steps to protect the carpet.

Hardwood Needs Special Care

Hardwood floors are classic and straightforward, but they will quickly lose their look if they are not cared for properly. One of the least anticipated hazards to hardwood flooring is direct sunlight, causing fading over time. The best way to protect hardwood floors from being bleached by the sun is to use a rug on the spots where the sun shines the most. Window treatments are another excellent approach for shielding your floors from UV light.

According to National Floors Direct, the second most significant threat to hardwood floors is abrasive dirt. Floors should be swept, mopped, polished, and waxed. A clean floor with a layer of protection will last for many years and remain in excellent condition.

The Condition of Your Floors Affect Your Mood

As a homeowner, you are probably aware that your home’s condition reflects and promotes your peace of mind. National Floors Direct reminded us that taking good care of your flooring is not just a way to protect your investment but that it’s also a meaningful way to promote a healthy and happy living environment for you and your family.

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